Friday, February 26, 2016

Prayer 1130

Blessed Redeemer, we offer up our hearts to you, that they may be firmly fixed upon the way of devotion and praise. May we always remember your goodness and mercy, O God, as we meditate upon You at our rising and resting. May we do our work to the glory of your Name, O Holy One, that we witness to your wisdom and healing grace. Help us to live by the light of faith, trusting and rejoicing in your abiding love and care. Guard us and guide us, O Jesus, through the uncertainties of this life, through snares that seek to draw us astray. Be with the suffering and the sorrowful, Lord Christ; send your angels to protect us and inspire us to peace. Lord, we ask your blessing upon us this day; give ear to the prayers of your people, and comfort and bless those we now name.


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