Sunday, February 14, 2016

Prayer 1118- for the First Sunday in Lent

Lord God, we gather together around your altars this day, to purify our hearts and minds, and give thanks for your mercy. Accept our heartfelt offerings as we place our lives before You, that we may serve You with humbleness and compassion. 

We thank You for abiding with us in the wilderness of our hearts, and attending to all our needs. Feed us with the bread of life and hope, that we be strengthened and unified to worship You. Let us seek not to rule but to serve You and each other, uplifted by the grace and mercy of Christ. Holy One, You are our Rock; we rest secure in your embrace, and fasten all our devotion upon You, our Savior. 

Bless and keep us throughout this day, O God, and envelop those we now pray for with your mercy.


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