Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Prayer 1113- on Shrove Tuesday

Blessed One, we thank You for watching over us through the watches of the night. Let us praise the One who sets our feet upon solid rock, and rejoice in our unity in the fellowship of God. May we seek to reflect your light in our words and our work, bearing the banner of love and building the foundations of peace. 

Lord, accept our humble repentance for all our wrongs, both against You and against each other, and purify and renew our hearts in You. When we are tested and tried, may we fasten our hearts on the steadfast love of Christ, who walks alongside us always. When we are wearied and worried by the cares of this world, may we center ourselves within the embrace of the Holy One. 

Rooted and strengthened in the mercy of God, we lay our hopes and prayers at your feet, O Redeemer.


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