Friday, January 1, 2016

Prayer, day 1074: New Year's Day/ Feast of the Holy Name

New Year's Day/ Feast of the Holy Name
O God, our times are in your hand, and we thank You for your continued blessings and mercy. As we remember the dedication of your Son in the Temple, may we rededicate ourselves anew to being true disciples of your Way. We praise You, O Holy One, for You are the source and ground of all our being: thank You, O God. There is not one moment that we have that was not first given to us by You and imbued with your care for us: thank You, O God. You have called us each by name, and given us a Savior whose love never fails: thank You, O God. You have named us as your beloved children and called us to be a holy, loving people: thank You, O God. Give us grace to do your will in all we undertake, O Loving One, that your Name may be glorified before the eyes of the world. Give us the courage to act in justice, mercy, wisdom, empathy, and peace throughout the coming year. Bless and keep those who put their hope in You, O Holy One, especially those we now name.


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