Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Prayer 1086- for discipleship

The child Samuel tells Eli of his call.

Holy, Holy Lord, encircle us in your mercy today, we humbly pray. Let us remember the blessings You have given us, and be joyful and grateful always. 

Lord Christ, we are known as your own when we live the life you modelled for us: open our hearts to live out your mercy. We thank You for taking us by the hand, and calling us to new life in hope and love. Help us to stand firm in faith, and grant us wisdom and courage to live out a life of steadfast loving-kindness and peace. Help us to live out your gospel in our lives, and use our resources to protect the weak and comfort the distressed. 

Blessed Savior, stretch out your hand of blessing over us, and especially over those for whom we now pray.


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