Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prayer 1082

Almighty God, You are our God, and we give thanks for your boundless grace and kindness. 

Hold us fast, O Holy One, from storms that rage both within and without, for we are lambs of your sheepfold, and You call us each by name. 
Warm us with the fires of wisdom, O God, as winter's chill settles like a blanket upon the land. 
Forgive our headstrong ways, we pray: may we put aside all fear and rancor, and let our sins be carried away like smoke on the hilltops. 

May we kindle our hearts anew with the love of Christ, that the flame of compassion burns in the hearths of our souls. Blessed Savior, place the mantle of your blessing over us, and watch over and bless those we now name.


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