Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Prayer 1079- For Epiphany

Prayer for Epiphany

We turn our eyes to the rising Light of Christ, that we may be guided into wisdom and truth. Lord, we give you thanks for being our home throughout all our wandering ways.

Wonderful Counselor, may our eyes and hearts be opened to receive your truth, your grace, and your peace. May we kneel before you in joy and hope, O Prince of Peace, offering you all that we have and are and hope to be. May we carry the good news of salvation, Lord Christ, and be filled with rejoicing throughout all the lands and nations. Guided by the Holy Spirit, may justice and peace kiss, and may we join hands in unity, faithfulness and steadfast love. 

Holy One, we offer you the prayers of those we love, and ask that you bless and comfort them.


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