Sunday, January 3, 2016

Prayer 1076

Almighty God, we gather in your courts, worshiping you in heart, mind and unity, praising You for your goodness and mercy. Let us gather to give thanks to our God, whose mercy endures forever. 

Lord Jesus, may your peace rule in our lives; may we bow the knee of our hearts, and live out your compassion in the world. May we bear each others' hopes and fears in gentleness and care, and turn away from anger, malice, and greed. May the Spirit of Wisdom take root in our hearts and make us lovers of peace and justice. 

Lord, may all who come to your table today be fed in body and soul, strengthened and filled with joy to do your will. Heal us of all our wounds, O Lord, and give solace to all who mourn or suffer in any way. Blessed Savior, abide with us and guide us, we pray, and stretch forth your healing hand over those we now name.


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