Saturday, December 19, 2015

Prayer 1061

Glorious is the day that we can rise and give thanks to the Lord, who is making heaven and Earth! 

Set our steps upon the joyful path of wisdom and concord, Lord Christ, and unite us to You in hope. Send forth your Spirit in power to bring knowledge of redemption to those who wander, O God. 

Create in us loving, gentle hearts, and forgive us all our offenses, we pray. Help us to cast aside all that separates us from each other, and help us to forgive all those who have hurt us. 

Bring our wandering souls to rest in You, All-Merciful One, that we may center our lives upon your Great Commandment. Resting in your promise of love, O Holy One, we cast our concerns before the seat of your mercy, and ask your blessing this day.


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