Friday, December 18, 2015

Prayer 1060

Ring out your wisdom in our souls, O Holy One, for we know that your love is from everlasting. Let us sing out our gratitude for all your blessings, Lord Jesus, and be renewed by your mercy. 

Kindle a fire in our hearts from your steadfast love and faithfulness, that we may blaze forth anew in hope and love. 

May we worship you with every breath, and seek your pathways in every step. May we work to repair the hearts of those who are hurting and welcome the abandoned. May the light of Christ illumine every corner of our spirits, and teach us that all are One in You, O God. 

Let us seek to be healers and helpers, comforting those who mourn and lifting up those who are troubled. Beloved Savior, wrap the mantle of your safekeeping around those for whom we now pray.


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