Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prayer 1033- At diocesan convention

New deacon Elizabeth Simpson receives a Bible from Bishop George Wayne Smith at the Eucharist and ordination held to open the 176th Convention of the Diocese of Missouri.

Almighty and merciful God, we rise with a song of praise on our lips for all your wondrous deeds. Let us waken the dawn with a prayer of thankfulness, that we may rejoice forever in You, O Holy Lord, God of power and blessing. 

Let us treat no one with contempt or ill-will, but let us take joy in each other by the power of the Holy Spirit. We dedicate ourselves anew to serving You, Holy One, for You are making a new heaven and earth within us. 

Unite us to You and each other through the love of Christ, and make us steadfast and sure in discerning your path of love, we pray. Restore all things good and right, loving and pure within us, O Prince of Peace. 

Lord Jesus, we bend the knee of our hearts before You: we ask that you draw our loved ones within the circle of your embrace.


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