Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prayer 981

This craftsman in St. Lucia , Mr. Eustace, made sculptures from coconut shells, patiently and lovingly working as he recalled his customers with stories.

Almighty God, your mercy and loving-kindness is never-failing: hear our prayers, we pray. Give us patience and compassion for others, that we may be loving and gracious in all we do. Give us forbearance and compassion for those who have hurt us, as we would hope to receive for our own failures. Give us strength and compassion to work for justice and peace, to live out your call to love and value all living beings. Give us gentleness and compassion to walk gently and reverently upon the earth, the first gift of love you gave us. May we unify our hearts and minds in pursuit of your kingdom of love, O Christ, and carry your gospel with joy into the world. Remember those whom we lift up before you, and grant them your peace, O Holy One, we pray.


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