Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Prayer 974- In memory of Father Emery Washington

Father Emery Washington passed away September 21 after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a holy man and a gentleman, and a valiant champion of good. And he was my friend.

In peace, we pray to You, Most Holy One, to raise our hearts and hopes to You, through whom all things came to be. 

May we remember our dependence upon your creation, and care for it tenderly and faithfully, in gratitude. 
May we cling to your ways and follow your paths of peace and compassion, O God. 
May we embody your wisdom in faithfulness and gentleness. 
May we open our hearts that the light of Christ may fill us, and shine forth from our faces. 
May we seek always to support and encourage each other in the work of your kingdom, O Lord, that the Spirit guide all our steps. 
May goodness and mercy follow us all our days, and may we dwell in peace and equity with all creation. 

Merciful God, we ask that You place your blessing upon us, and grant your benediction to those we now name.


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