Saturday, August 29, 2015

Prayer 949

Blessed be the day the Lord has made, and may we give honor and praise to our Creator whose love never ceases. Let us join our voices with angels and archangels, and sing to the tune of creation that continues around us. 

O God, You are the source of life and light: lift us up, we pray, that we may worship You in holiness. Accept and cleanse our hearts, overflowing with gratitude for all You have done for us, O Savior. Unite us with one another in love and truth, that we may do your work with a song on our lips, Lord Christ. Renew a right spirit with us, O Holy One, and consecrate us to your household, that we may dwell in peace. 

Envelop your children in a cloud of blessing, O God, and place your hand upon those for whom we pray.


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