Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prayer 938

In thankfulness, we pray to You, O God, for You have shielded and comforted us through the night. May we draw near our Shepherd, and answer him as he calls, renewing our hearts. 

Place your hand over us, O Holy One, that we may be guided and preserved as we walk in faith this day. We pray for peace in our hearts, peace in our country and peace among nations: may justice and equity be our guide. Help us to see the glorious face of Christ in all we see, and honor the dignity of every person. Plant within us a thirst for your law and a desire to live in gratitude for all your blessings, O Creator and Redeemer. 

Gather within your embrace all those who seek You, O Merciful One, and lend your aid to those we now name.


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