Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prayer 897

Llamas outside of Commerce, Oklahoma on Route 66.

Light breaks over the land: the wisdom of God beckons to us! Come, let us adore our God, our life and our light! 

Let us follow the banner of love, proclaiming the good news: let our faces shine with joy & hope in all things. 

We praise You, Lord Christ, for upholding us by your mercy, and guiding us on the Way. 

Descend upon us, O Spirit, that we dedicate ourselves, all that we are and all that we have, to serving You. Open our eyes to see and know You in each face we look into, to see the image of God in all people. 

Let us turn our hands to deeds of compassion and mercy, to heal relationships and mend the hearts of the hurting. 

Hear us, O Lord, for your mercy is great: may your abiding, abundant love call us, gentle us and renew us. Anoint and bless those who call upon You, O Savior, especially those for whom we pray.


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