Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prayer 842- Ascension Day

(For Ascension Day)
Blessed Lord Jesus, you are our Shepherd and Savior: remember all those for whom you lived and died and rose again. Help us to spread your message of love, service, sanctity, and compassion throughout the world by our words and our deeds. Help us to be a testimony to justice and peace, and bind us together in the name of love, amity, and charity. Send the Holy Spirit to empower us to serve the weak and outcast and to make disciples of all who seek you. Through your example, let us unfailingly act with love and mercy, even to those who set themselves against us. Let us always be witnesses to your truth, and servants of your truth. Lifting our eyes to heaven, where you are enthroned in glory, we lift our prayers and petitions before You, Lord Christ, especially for those we now name.


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