Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prayer 803- Holy Saturday

Light through the chapel onto the floor of the nave, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.

Holy Saturday
In silent reverence, we wait to rise, Lord Christ: on the wings of morning we lift up your name as a prayer of hope. All of creation pauses in expectation, turning toward your outstretched arms on the cross, Lord Jesus. We turn our faces toward the sun, and center our hearts and aspirations upon the coming of the Light of Christ. May we remember your commandments of love and faith, O Holy One. Blessed Savior, may we clasp hands across the table of brotherhood and love each other as You love us. Accompanied by a cloud of witnesses, may we too bear your banner before the world, and enlighten the darkest corners of our hearts. O Redeemer, draw all who hope into your saving embrace,especially those we now name.


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