Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prayer 792

Our praises rise to our Creator and Protector, whose mercy endures forever! 

At your command, O Holy One, all things come to be, now and forever: we give You thanks for our manifold blessings. Some put their faith upon the power of fortunes or of princes, but we rest upon the love of God as our sure foundation. 

May we put our trust in the light of the God Who Saves, whose way is straight and sure. Loving One, be the wind at our backs that sends us upon our journeys, and guides us upon your way. Draw us within your embrace, O Light of Light, that we may dwell forever in the household of the Almighty. 

O God, our shield and our refuge, watch over us in all our ways, for you call us to paths of righteousness and peace. Place all who call upon You within the broad plain of your mercy, O Lord, and bend tenderly over those we now name.


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