Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prayer 786

Dreaming of Camp Phoenix mornings....

Holy One, open our eyes to see the wonders and signs of your power all about us. Stretch your mighty hand over us, that we may be led in paths of righteousness and compassion in our journeys today. Fill us with your wisdom, O Spirit, and preserve us in your grace, for we are prone to go astray and turn our hearts to foolishness. Feed us with your truth, Lord Christ, and encircle us in your embrace. For You, O Companion, are with us always, in sunshine and shadow, and call us into the broad and verdant land of your peace. Tenderly wipe the tear of those who mourn, and ease the burdens of those in pain, for your love's sake. Bless and keep those who call upon You, especially those whose names we place before you.


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