Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayer 784

Another detail from the windows at St. Stephen's in Ferguson.

Blessed Savior, bring us into your pastures of plenty today, and spread the shade of your right hand over us. Let us joyfully labor in the name of truth and love, for they are the foundations of your kingdom. Let us sing forever a praise song of your abundant mercy, recounting the horizon of grace that You stretch before us. All creation testifies to your glory and revels in your love, Most Holy God; may we join in the song forever. Tune us to the melody that binds the world together, that we live in fellowship with all the Earth. Turn our eyes to behold your wonders, O Creator and Comforter, for we know You are with us always. You heal the broken-hearted and give rest to the weary: make us vessels of your peace, filled to overflowing. May the light of your countenance shine upon us, and especially on those for whom we pray.


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