Saturday, March 14, 2015

Prayer 782

Another detail from a window at St. Stephen's in Ferguson.

Blessed Redeemer, lift me up by your love, abounding in mercy, that I may sing your praises from the depths of my heart. Draw me deeper into the mystery of your grace, O Holy One, for my soul longs for You. Search me out and rescue me when I have gone astray, for You are my Hope and my Shield. May your Word be a lamp unto my feet, and your grace a guide to my heart. Hear me when I call to You, and pull me from the shifting sands, for You are ever tender in your care. Give me a zeal to serve You by serving your gospel, and a heart to love others as I love myself. Loving One, be our companion in the way today, and broadcast your blessing and your peace to all who seek You.


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