Sunday, March 8, 2015

Prayer 776- inspired by Psalm 96

Muir Woods.

Let us sing to the Lord a new song: and give full voice to our thanks and praise for all the mercies of God. Let us spring up from our beds with prayers on our hearts, and glory in this day with prayers on our lips. Let us sing out a new song of justice and harmony, seeking others' welfare as much as our own. Let us sing a song of community, of thanksgiving for being bound together in love and faithfulness. Let us sing out that God loves each one of us, and honor God's loving power that shines throughout creation. Let us tend to each other and sow the seeds of love in every heart, grateful for the face of Christ in all. Let us praise our common bond of friendship, and cultivate hearts of peace and goodwill. Holy One, You are in the midst of us: let us make You a dwelling place within our hearts. Place your strengthening hand of blessing over those who seek You, especially:

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