Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prayer 674: for justice and mercy

Clergy, including seminarians, diocesan youth missioners, Deaconess Anne House interns, and seminary professors, march through the streets of Clayton, Missouri arm in arm at dawn on November 25 to protest the refusal to indict in the Mike Brown case. Photo from the New York Times.

In silence and humility we come before You, O God Most High. 

Merciful God, bring us all to repentance of the ways that we have failed to honor You and one another. Give us the strength to own our faults, and the courage to ask forgiveness and reconciliation from our brothers and sisters. 

From the deeps of our souls we cry out to You, and You are with us. Waves of pain and oppression may crash over us, O God, but the tide of your mercy is strong, and will bear us up. 

Help us kindle the light of your love to a world that reels in the darkness of despair and the blindness of pride and anger. Yet, in creating us, You have sealed us as your own, and called us to always act in empathy. 

Make us instruments of your peace, O God, and coax from us a tune of justice and holiness. Holy One, bend near your people, and let the light of your countenance shine upon those who call upon You.


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