Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prayer 671

The Rev. Mike Angell and I sing during sabbath time at convention with some great friends!

Holy One, we bow before You, and come into your courts rejoicing in the power of your Spirit, singing praises to your Son. Let us tell out the wondrous story all creation sings: the love of God endures forever! 

Each gust of wind flutes through each blade of grass, singing a hymn of praise to the God who makes us one. The canopy of the sky spreads its azure testimony before us, revealing the handiwork of the Most High. 

Let us sing out before your altars, O God, placing our cares before You, that we may worship You night and day. 

We are God's beloved: what have we to fear? Our help comes from God, whose mercy endures forever! 

Loving one, extend the hand of your blessing upon us especially over those we now name.


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