Friday, November 14, 2014

Prayer 662

In silence, we wait upon the Lord, who abides with us and calls us to love and discipleship. Hear us, O Holy One, as we lift our prayers to You, for You are the God of truth and call us to holiness and humility. 

O God, let us not put our faith in our own power, but put our hope in walking in justice with our brothers and sisters. Let us ground all we do in the commandment to love You and our neighbor as we love ourselves. 

Heal us of our hardness of heart and our thirst for the cup of anger and bitterness. Guide us instead to drink deep of your mercy and compassion, and to remember all that we have been forgiven. 

Soothe the brow of all those who suffer, O Savior: strengthen and refresh their bodies and souls. Send your Spirit and pour out your peace as a balm on the troubled, that all may find their rest and home in You. Rest your healing hand upon those we now name.


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