Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Prayer 659 For peace and healing

Leaves blaze in the afternoon sun, Eden Seminary. November 2014.

Holy, holy Lord, source of all goodness, we place ourselves within your care today. Make us instruments of the peace for which the world longs and prays. 

We seek your wisdom, that we be better disciples and stewards of this one precious life you have given us. Refine and gentle our hearts, that we may seek to love each other with gratitude for the gifts that each person brings into our lives. Make us mindful and patient in choosing our words and actions, we pray, for your love's sake. 

May we embody your love in the world, as your Son embodied your love in a living sacrament of faithfulness. Through your abounding love, make us seekers of all that is good, all that is compassionate, all that is true. Help us work for healing and grace, filling up the broken places of the world and renewing the spirits of those clinging to hope. Give your kiss of benediction and blessing to those whose names we raise before You.


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