Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prayer 654

Loving One, we kneel before You, meditating upon your word: heal us of our division and folly, we pray. The planet breathes and grows thanks to the Almighty Creator, Our God who charges us with tending the Earth. The Breath of God moves over the waters and the hills: may we also be shaped and molded by the loving hand of God. Accept the sacrifice of our hearts and minds, that they be wholly yours, and holy. Move within us, O God, as a mighty wind: may your Spirit fill our hearts and the spaces in between us. May your love propel us into new efforts for justice and peace. May we be humble servants of your Light and Truth, praising You in our work and our words. Shelter us within the branches of your Love, and may our prayers be carried to You on the rising breeze.


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