Thursday, September 25, 2014

Prayer 612

O God draw us to your light and truth, that we may sit at your feet in awe and reverence, in peace and safety. You are our Rock, O God, the solid ground on which we stand as our lives whirl around us. Let us stand before your courts, and sing praises to your grace, truth, and power, the foundation of our lives. We thank You for friends and loved ones who bless us and draw near us, who uphold us and support us always. 

 I close my eyes, and feel your presence rest upon my shoulders with the warm weight of love. Send your Spirit to press upon me, O Holy One, let me nestle my head into the crook of your wing. Shade me from the heat of all that oppresses me, for it is in You that I trust. Although I falter, I feel the wind of your comfort at my back, and your loving-kindness bears me forward. 

Have mercy, O God, on all whose hope rests in You.


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