Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prayer 605

O God, your steadfast love shields us behind and before: may our song of praise illuminate our day. 

Let us stand firmly on the holy ground of your truth, and let us build ourselves into a house of holy action. Let us remember that love is not shown in words but in action and attitude, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Let everything we do be done to our utmost in the name of love, with our hearts and souls poured out for You, O Messiah. Let us seek to treasure and love our brothers and sisters as much as we love ourselves. 

Give us that wisdom and love that helps us build your kingdom, Lord Christ. Let us never forget that where wisdom and love meet, there is justice and peace. Let us advocate for our sisters and intercede for our brothers, uniting our voices in the name of compassion and hope. We pray especially for these needs and concerns on our hearts today.


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