Friday, September 12, 2014

Prayer 599

Lord, we thank You for your watching over us through the night: let us place ourselves in your hands this day. 

May our actions be witness to your unfailing love and mercy, O God of Grace. Help us to be thankful for those whose love uplifts us and bring us closer to You, the Source of All Love. 

Let us never be detached in the face of sadness or suffering, O Redeemer, but honor one another's beauty and humanity. Mindful of our faults, make us humble and compassionate in our reactions: let our hearts be clay in your hands. Let us be generous in love and slow to anger, seeking reconciliation from those we have hurt. 

May we treat each other as beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, who calls us to unity in love and faithfulness. Grateful in our fellowship with You and with all creation, we ask your blessing upon our brothers and sisters.


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