Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prayer 591

Detail from a window at Trinity Tulsa.

O God, we rise from our beds with your seal upon our hearts: accept our offered prayers. 

Sometimes we fear we are sinking: if we are going to sink, let us sink into your embrace, O Holy One. Sometimes we fear we are lost: if we are going to get lost, let us get lost in the beauty of Your creation. Sometimes, we are doubtful: If we are going to doubt, let it draw us closer to faith. 

Lord Christ, you know the struggles we encounter: move into the chambers in our hearts and fill them with grace. Be our companion and comfort, O Spirit, in the chances and changes that confront us. 

Mindful of all blessings, and in unity with each other in good times and bad, we lift our prayers before You, O Almighty.


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