Friday, August 29, 2014

Prayer 585- for community

The altar and reredos at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis in afternoon light.

O Light Eternal, illumine my way: let me take counsel in your courts; let me seek wisdom at your feet. Let me walk in the company of saints and holy ones, that I may be instructed in right pathways for living. 

Turn my heart to be a fertile field to receive the seeds of your instruction, O Holy One. Make me a disciple in deed as well as word, O God: help me grow in grace and compassion. Tune my ear to hear the melody of your Word sung out in holy fellowship, that my life sing out your praise. 

Draw us to your altar in brotherhood and peace: make us a holy and priestly people for your glory, Almighty God. From the depths of our hearts we offer you our prayers: extend your blessing over all creation.


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