Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prayer 583: for wisdom

Detail from a window in the McCarthy Room at Eden Seminary.

We raise our hearts and minds to You, O God, Our Teacher and Guide: hear our prayers. 

O God, help us seek wisdom, for we a foolish and prone to wander. Preserve us from the enemies without and enemies within: fear, jealousy, envy, rejection, malice, ignorance, hatred. Ground us in love, O Holy One, for wisdom grounded in love leads us to compassion and peace. 

Open our hearts to see how much You have cherished us since our birth: let us reflect upon your manifold mercies. Help us to find the way when troubles beset us: give us the wisdom to discern and the heart to never lose hope. 

Merciful One, still our minds, and cool our fevered anxieties. Spread the shelter of your serenity over those who are in trouble or doubt, O Eternal One.


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