Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prayer 570

Reflections on chapel altar, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion

O God, you tenderly hold our souls in your hand: hear our prayer. Teach us, O God, to act so that we are a blessing to others. Bring forth in us perfect love, in which we see all life as connected and mutually dependent. Make us more prone to wonder than to wander, grounding us in your Wisdom and uplifted by grace. Cradle us to you in our pain, despair, or fear, and brush away the tears of those who mourn, O Loving One. Open our eyes to the blessings we have even in the midst of trouble. Help us hold fast to your hand as little children, trusting always that You are with us. Hear the sighs of your beloveds, and send your Spirit to comfort and bear up those we now name.


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