Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prayer 563- for trust in God

Almighty One, we bless and thank You for this new morning. You are our light in the darkness and our hope in times of trial: hear our prayer, we pray. 

May we sit with You in silence, worshiping You and thanking You for your abundant grace. Enter the doorway of our souls and purify us of our sins, precious Lord, that we may be a fit habitation for your Spirit. 

Sanctify us and bless us, especially those facing fearful circumstances on this day. Guard all who watch and wait for good news, and spread the awning of your mercy over those who are in anxiety or need. May we remember that your Love is everlasting, O Creator, and that You are always near. 

Recalling and trusting in your unfailing care, let us pray for our own needs and the needs of others.


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