Monday, July 7, 2014

We're All in This Together- a meditation on Romans 7, sinfulness, and will (Speaking to the Soul)

This was published on the Speaking to the Soul page on today.

Romans 7: 15-25a

The other day I got into a discussion on twitter with a person who claimed that liberals are attempting to redefine sin, especially when it comes to the evolving response in the Episcopal Church and elsewhere with matters of personal and sexual ethics. I believe that our response is evolving because revelation continues and that God continues to speak to us through the Holy Spirit. Too often our discussion of sin in these matters is predicated upon finger-pointing outside ourselves at other people whom we believe are “sinful,” but whom we believe are different from us. So it has been a blessing that this last Sunday we were offered this reading from St. Paul, expressing frustration at the inner conflict that sin creates, and reminding us, that when it comes to sin, we are all in this together....

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