Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prayer 514

The Good Shepherd- Trinity Tulsa

(Inspired by Matthew 18:10-20)
O Shepherd, we give thanks that You call us each by name: help us to turn to You in faithfulness when You call. Guard us from the wolf at the door and the wolf within our hearts. All like sheep we have gone astray, yet You have brought us through the perils of the bramble and the snare. Hear us when we cry to You, and lift us upon your shoulders when we grow weary. Bring us to the day when we sing out our joy at the recovery of the lost, for You are ever seeking us out in steadfast love. Enfold us within your arms, O Loving One, and with a word banish all our cares and pain, for our trust is in You. Hear the concerns of our hearts.


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