Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prayer 498

St. Michel fountain, Left Bank, Paris, 2012

Loving One, we praise You for your steadfast love: may we abide in the spirit of truth and hope. You have given us a home within your embrace, and have blessed us abundantly through limitless grace: hear our prayer. 

We give You thanks for loving, steadfast hearts who have filled our days with friendship: may we never take love for granted. We give You thanks for work, and the strength to do it, that satisfies our minds and spirits: may all we do be to the glory of your kingdom. We give You thanks for healing and comfort for those who have been ill or in distress: your love, O God, is from everlasting. 

Send your angels to spread their sheltering wings over those who call out to You.



  1. Would you have any objections to my pinning this photo on Pinterest (it would link back and give you credit, of course), or using it later on my blog (also with credit) if I get organized enough to do a St Michael and All Angels post?

  2. None whatsoever--you are welcome to do so! (I also went to St. Michael and All Archangels Cathedral in Christchurch, Bahamas last summer)!