Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prayer 484

O God of unfailing love, we praise and bless You for bringing us out of darkness into the light of morning. Send your angels to watch over us this day, and strengthen us for the work You have given us to do. 

 Forgive us our failures and weaknesses, especially for failing to forgive the failures and weaknesses of others. Let us never set ourselves above our sisters and brothers, but seek to serve them in constancy and compassion. Drive far from us all hardness of heart, but instead embolden us to be fools for the love of Christ. 

Remember all those who come before You this day, and welcome them as sheep of your fold who seek their Shepherd's call. Dry the tears of all whose hearts are broken, or who struggle with fear, doubt, or pain. Soothe the afflicted, Lord Christ, and bear up the weary upon wings of hope. 

Secure in your steadfast mercy, make your face to shine upon those we now name.


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