Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prayer 479- For reconciliation

Almighty God, we thank You for forgiving us through the gift of grace for all our sins, missteps, and mistakes. 

We thank You for being with us when we ourselves have been hurt by that actions of others. Shield those who continue to suffer in body, mind, or spirit from wounds inflicted upon them. Heal them by Your immeasurable love that they may allow peace and forgiveness to take root in their hearts. 

Redeem those who have fallen into sin, anger, and violence, and bring them into the light of truth. Lead us into reconciliation with those we have hurt, and with those who have hurt us, that we may find serenity within us through your redeeming compassion. Place your hand of blessing upon all who rejoice this day, for your blessings are manifest. 

Lift up those who are anxious, mournful, or suffering, Loving One, and seal them as your own.


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