Monday, April 28, 2014

Prayer 462

These little beauties are called "Bishop's hats."

O Almighty One, in you rest all our hopes and all our knowledge of what is good. 

Help us let go of all that weighs us down, that we may not fall into despair or cynicism. Give us the trust to rest upon the promise of now rather than regret for what is past. 

Consecrate all our endeavors that they may bear abundant fruit, that others may know your grace through the lives we live today. Give work to those who seek work, and rest to those who seek rest. 

Bring our hearts to full flower in the knowledge and love of You through your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Make our spirits light and our course sure as our feet are set upon your path today. Make your face to shine, Lord Christ, upon those who are seeking, those who are journeying, and those who are praying.


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