Monday, April 21, 2014

Prayer 455- Easter Monday

(Easter Monday)
O God, we enter Eastertide borne up above the shoals of death: may we fill each day with rejoicing! Weeping has spent the night, but joy has come in the morning: the dawn of hope has entered our souls, and it is well, it is well, it is well. Now is the time to roll back the stone and walk into the light: may we unbind our hearts that they may beat to Your tune. Now is the time of alleluia: we remember that life bursts forth upon us as a precious gift. May the light of Christ drive the shadows far from us, and our spirits blaze with a Paschal light. With eager hands may we build your kingdom, with eager hearts may we love without fear. Draw us into your embrace, O Lover of Souls, and send your Spirit over those we love.


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