Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prayer 440- God's glory revealed in the skies

Yours is the night, and yours is the day, O God: let us be a blessing this day. For your hand of protection upon us, we give you praise and glory and lift up our eyes to heaven. You create the stars that dance above us: the Seven Sisters, the Northern Crown, Orion as he tumbles across the sky. You guide the chevrons of geese as they wheel overhead, pulling Spring behind them like a banner. You send forth clouds that sail like great ships upon the blue, and bring forth rain to awaken the fields from their slumber. The Earth as it turns toward the Sun and is embraced by light reminds us to always turn to You, our Companion and our Pole Star.

Loving One, may we always remember your great goodness, and center ourselves within your love. Send your angels, we pray, to watch over us and our loved ones, especially those we now name.


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