Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prayer 409- For Reconciliation

Almighty God, may we be marked as your own forever. Broadcast your mercy within our hearts; may they receive your guidance as a spring field absorb rain. 

Let us set a table before our enemies, and be reconciled to them, as You call us back to You again and again. Help us let go of vengeance, mindful of our own sinfulness and failure to do what we know is right. Bring us out of anger into love, and out of self-righteousness into compassion. In all we do, let it be for your glory rather than our own comfort or sense of power. 

Make us fierce in guarding the weakest of your children, and vigilant in prayer for those who seek You. Anoint those who call upon with the mark of love, and gather to You those for whom we pray.


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