Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayer 394

(inspired by John 10:1-18)
Blessed Redeemer, we praise You with thanksgiving welling within our hearts, for You are ever with us. We sing of your mercy and justice; we praise You in our hearts at all times. 

You blot out our offenses, and welcome us back into your gate again and again, O Shepherd of Souls. May we hearken to your voice when we stray from your fellowship, and bask in the beauty of your song of love to us. May we run to your voice and answer your call, for You are the source of all blessing and strength. Keep us within your pasture, that we may dance with joy and do your will under your loving protection. 

Extend your hand over us as a father blesses his children, and give peace and blessing to those for whom we pray.


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