Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayer 386

God of Glory and Power, we remember the manifold gifts you have given your people throughout time, and we give you thanks. 

Let us be joyful, for it is not that we are first blessed and we are happy; it is that we are happy and we are blessed. For your love, O God, is the source of all that brings us joy: fellowship, comfort, and strength to do your will. 

You are the source of wisdom and truth, and we are blessed indeed. Help us unclench the fist of our hearts, and open them instead to your mercy, that they beat in love and not in anger or distress. 

Spread the wings of your compassion over all who are oppressed by pain, anxiety, or sadness, we pray. Gather the prayers of your people, offered in faith and hope, and attend to the needs of those we name, Merciful Lord.


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