Sunday, February 2, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 28 (Day 377)

Almighty God, you are our castle and fortress, and we turn to You in thanksgiving. 

May we drink deeply of your life-giving Word and sacraments today. May we lay before You all our sins; You know them, Lord, as you know the hairs on our heads, yet gift us with your grace. We ask not only for pardon but for strength to amend our wrongs, and determination to walk humbly with You, mindfully, prayerfully, gratefully. May we turn from treasuring our hurts and shielding our hearts to stand upright before your altar, in integrity and peace. 

May we instead take up the burden of love and mercy. May we not just speak of love, but live it, to find the burden is easy and the yoke light indeed. May we see each other with new eyes, and rejoice in the fellowship of saints and sinners, all the beloved of God. 

We remember and pray for the needs and thanksgivings of our loved ones, and ask that your love and peace be given in double portion to those we name.


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