Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 2 (Day 351)

Eternal God, holy be your Name: have mercy upon us. 

Guide us and govern us, O Lord, through the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, that we may live in peace and goodwill. Give us the bread of heaven, that feeds the soul and never fails, that our hearts and minds cling to your Word. 

May we gather around your altar, and knit our hearts together as your children. Let us be men and women for others, a ministering people unto the world. May we make common cause with the helpless, that we may demand justice alongside the oppressed. Let us always rejoice in the gifts of help and compassion we receive from others, and never miss a chance to thank them. May we with songs of joy bear the standard of your Son, and make manifest your saving grace in the world. 

Give us the grace and insight to support those whose hearts are hurting, and whose pain is known to You alone. Grant your benediction upon those for whom we pray today.


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