Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Prayer 11 (Day 348)

O Lord Jesus, we praise you with happy voices for all our many blessings! 

May we rejoice in the earth and all that it in it, and remember that with it, we are wonderfully made by God. May we rejoice in our brotherhood with all we meet, and see the face of Christ in each person. May we rejoice for our families of blood and of friendship, who uplift our spirits and support us in love. May we rejoice in our talents and strength given by God, and always employ ourselves to build your kingdom. May we rejoice in art and music that sings in beauty, and offer to you our song of praise and gratitude. May we rejoice in your sanctuary, eager to enter your courts, and then depart to carry your love into the world. 

Give us common cause with the poor and the suffering: let us seek justice for the oppressed, who are your own. Let us extend our hand in compassion to all who struggle, for we are knit together in your love. 

Hear our prayer, Lord Christ: May the balm of your love pour like cool waters over the heads and hearts of those we name.


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